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Blackmer Ohio

Since 1903 Blackmer is the leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps, centrifugal pumps and compressors for the transfer of: liquid and gas products.

Blackmer specializes in building custom compressor packaging and pump skids for:  liquefied gas transfer, liquid transfer, air boosting, and vapor recovery applications for the process gas, energy, and transport industries.

Blackmer provides innovative product transfer solutions for the following markets:

  •       Chemical Processing.
  •       Soap & Detergents.
  •       Paint & Coatings.
  •       Liquid Terminals.
  •       Oil & Gas.
  •       Biodiesel.
  •       Refined Fuels.
  •       Liquefied Gases.
  •       Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).
  •       Truck & Transport.
  •       Liquid Terminals.
  •       Military & Marine.

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