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Wemco Slurry, Sludge & Chopper Pumps Ohio

WEMCO Pump has been serving the wastewater and sludge handling industries for nearly 50 years. Designed for every wastewater handling job involving large solids, grit, shear-sensitive materials, and heavy, viscous sludges.

In addition to providing new pumps we have the capabilities to service and provide parts.

Pump Specialists for

  • Wastewater
  • Sludges and Solids

WEMCO Chop Flow Pumps

Wemco Chopper Pump

Designed from scratch as a WEMCO Pump. The Chop-Flow Pump brings the chopper pumps' segment the same kind of user-friendly pumps you've trusted from WEMCO for over 50 years - rugged, reliable, dependable, and maintenance-free.

Benefits of the WEMCO CF Chop-Flow Pumps

Wemco Slurry Pump
  • High hydraulic efficiency
  • Wrap around nose vanes insure effective chopping at the center of the impeller, without the need for an impeller nut.
  • A one-piece, easily replaceable, ridged cutting bar that spans the entire suction opening.
  • Rear pump out vanes with cutting slots repel and chop any material that gets behind the impeller.
  • The wearing parts  are easily and inexpensively replaceable.
  • All clearances are easily adjustable externally.

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