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Filtration Products: Air-Gas Filters & Separators Ohio

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About Air-Gas Filters & Separators

Product Group PhotoWe offer filters and separators for the separation and purification of air and gas streams. These products filter intake air for compressors, blowers, turbines and other air and gas handling equipment. They are also used in pressurized air and gas lines to protect meters and other downstream equipment.

These filters are designed to remove solids, particulates, gels and aerosals. We also offer a filter element design that removes solid particulate and fluids from pressurized air and gas lines within a single housing.

PAPSCO Air-Gas Filters and Separators Feature:

  • Standard and engineered designs
  • ASME code stamped vessels
  • Custom-designed vessels available
  • Centrifugal, vane-type separators
  • Separators with no replaceable elements required
  • Liquid droplet removal to 0.3 micron
  • Liquid slug and aerosol removal

Examples of Filter and Separator Applications:

  • Compressed air systems
  • Plant air intakes
  • Air exhaust lines
  • Plant gases and air
  • Processed gas
  • Natural gas transmission lines

For more product details or to get online assistance in choosing the right solution for your filtration application:

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