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Product: Bag Filters Ohio

Bag Filters

Offers a large surface area in a variety of materials

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High Efficiency Bag Filters

The DURAGAF, ACCUGAF and PROGAF filter bags push the boundaries of bag filtration technology far beyond traditional designs. With efficiencies greater than 99% and longer life, Eaton has the answer for cost effective filtration solutions for demanding applications. This means improved filtration efficiency, reduced operating costs due to less bag consumption, reduced downtime, and lower storage and disposal costs.

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Metal Filter Bags

When cleanable, reusable bags are required. Available in absolute micron ratings from 10 to 150 micron. Available in stainless steel.

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Single Bag Housings

Housings that hold a single filter bag for flows upto 225 gpm.

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QIC-Lock Multi-Bag Housings

Eaton multi-bag housing makes changing bags a snap ! This user friendly, cost effective bag filter housing for high volume applications and processes demanding frequent bag change-out. The QIC-LOCK mechanism ensures simple operation with minimal downtime for bag change-outs, which increases productivity and decreases operating costs.

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Multi-Bag Housings

Bag filter housings for multiple filter bags for flows greater than 225 gpm.

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