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Product: Specialty Products Ohio

Disposable Roll Media

PAPSCO offers a diverse line of quality nonwoven products to suit nearly every filtration need. Available in a wide variety of materials and cut to your exact width and roll length requirements.

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Ozone Treatment

GasTran Systems' wastewater treatment system uses ozone to help industrial clients with costly and problematic waste streams. When combined with GasTran Technology for contacting gases with liquids, the system can absorb high doses of ozone to reduce soluble BOD and soluble COD concentrations either in post primary or pre secondary wastewater treatment set-ups. GasTran Systems are helping customers achieve huge reductions in municipal surcharges, fines, and hauling fees.

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Gravity Deep Bed Filters

The IFC DEEP-BED filters are automatic filters that use inexpensive filter fabrics to remove solids from liquids. The DEEP-BED filter can be used for high solid volumes and are available in flow rates from 5 to 450 gallons per minute.

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Roll Media Filters

A motor driven metal conveyor is used to carry filter media and to form a trough between two wheel discs. The liquid to be filtered is pumped or gravity fed into the inlet. The liquid passes through the filter media, leaving the solids on the filter media.

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Helix Flighting

Falcon specializes in the precise, consistent manufacture of HELIX FLIGHTING from bar and plate steels and other metals. These are used in:
  • Agriculture Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Food Industry
  • Furnace Conveyors
  • Process Equipment
  • Road Equipment
  • Special Machinery
  • De-watering

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Aquarius ELCAT

The ELCAT™ is a proprietary electro-catalytic wastewater treatment process that offers a high degree of treatment of toxic, non-biodegradable materials quickly and at low cost. Aquarius’ ELCAT™ offers substantially higher purification of toxic, non-biodegradable material in half the time of other technologies and at comparatively low cost. Compared to traditional methods, in which oxygen-containing chlorine compounds are simply added to wastewater, ELCAT™ treatment offers substantially higher level of treatment. The ELCAT™ process purifies wastewaters such as toxic chemical mixtures, including dyes, detergents, phenols, cyanides, pesticides, herbicides and the like. The synergetic effect of the ELCAT™ treatment leads to full color removal, detoxification and odor elimination.

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Aquarius MSABP

The MSABP™ (Multi-Stage Activated Biological Process) is an innovative and advanced proprietary process for treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater based on spatial microorganism succession and trophic hydrobiont chains. A sequence of one organism feeding the other is known as spatial succession or a food chain. A feeding stage within a food chain is also known as a trophic level. MSABP™ systems incorporate this spatial succession and food chain. MSABP™ key advantages: No Waste Sludge No Primary or Secondary Settling Required No Return Sludge Pumping Hydraulic and Organic Shock Load Stability High Quality Effluent Energy Efficient Operation Compact Footprint Adaptable To Existing Treatment Processes

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Wastewater Evaporators

Lakeview wastewater evaporators provide a simple, economical, and effective way of reducing water based waste streams.

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