Technical Services Division

APO approaches compressed air systems as a utility.

Our focus is to assist our customers to reduce their compressor system operating and maintenance costs, and by doing so will lead to increased plant productivity.

We achieve those objectives with:

Supply Side Audit – Analyze the Compressed Air Equipment.

  • Inspect the general condition & operating performance of your current machines.
  • Inspect how the system is installed.


  • Measures power used and cfm delivered.
  • Calculate cost to operate current system based on your cost of power.
  • Evaluate if there is adequate air storage in the system.
  • Makes Recommendations to save energy if applicable.

Flow & Pressure Studies

  • Measure Compressed Air CFM with Mass Flow Meter
  • Record Plant Air Pressure with Transducer

Demand Side Audit – Analyze Your Plant Air Distribution System

Inspect Plant Air Piping Design & Size.
Poor Piping Design will result in added power costs and poor productivity of manufacturing equipment.

Analyze Supply Side Air Storage – Is there enough storage capacity?

Lack of adequate storage can cause:

Plant air pressure to drop, resulting in production problems.
Air Compressors can falsely load, resulting in higher operating costs

Identify inappropriate uses of compressed air and make suggestions for alternatives.

False Demand created by over pressurizing system, leads to higher air consumption = Increased energy & maintenance costs.

Leak Audits

Find and quantify leaks with Ultra Sonic Leak Detector

Typically air leaks make up 20-25% of the total plant air demand in plants that do not have an on going leak detection & repair program. A more acceptable rate should b 5-10%

Yearly Cost of 100 cfm of leaks based on:

25 HP / 18.65 kW Cost of 7¢ / kWh Operating 8,000 hrs / Yr
= $10,444.00 or $104.44 / cfm per yr


  • What is most important to you when it comes to your compressed air system?
  • Have you ever had a plant air system audit or a leak audit performed?
  • Have there ever been issues like?
    • Not enough air volume or pressure in any area of your plant.
    • Poor quality having moisture or contaminants in the system.
  • What experiences have you had with plant air problems?
    • Supply Side – Compressors & Dryers Not operating to expectations
    • Demand Side - System Problems, Low air pressure or Poor air quality.
  • Has there been any problems operating production equipment due to compressed air?
  • Where do you see places for improvement in your system?
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